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Ursula Coenen


It all began some years ago, when Ursula Coenen attended her first Taiko performance in Germany. It had such a profound effect on her that she later decided to learn the art of Taiko herself and began training with Wadokyo, Germany. Since then her passion for Taiko grew and she went on to train with various groups over the years, both in Germany and in Japan. Her Sensei in Japan remains Art Lee, the Leader of WADAIKO TOKARA. (


When she decided to settle in the Helderberg, Ursula was disappointed to discover that Taiko was largely unknown in South Africa. Not wanting to be without Taiko and refusing to be deterred she brought out four drums from Germany and one from Japan and decided to set up a Taiko school where she could share her passion with others. As few people knew about Taiko, it was difficult to get students at first but. Instead of giving up she persisted and managed to motivate others to give it a try until she got a small group going. She named the group "TAMASHII" which is Japanese for Soul.


Squeezing her huge Taiko drums into her little car and going around giving performances wherever and whenever she could and, in so doing, she managed to motivate others to give it a try. They practiced hard and went out and gave performances, to the amazement and delight of all who have never experienced Taiko before.


The group continues to grow slowly but steadily and had a total of 12 performers at their last concert. Ursula's goal is to keep the group growing and to make Taiko as widely known in South Africa as possible.


Tamashii Daiko embraces all things Japanese and is also very fortunate to have the valued support of the Japanese Consulate.



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