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Learning Taiko - Classes and Workshops


Ursula Coenen - Leader of Tamashii-Daiko


If you want to start playing Taiko
and experience the Power of Japanese Drums
and feel their vibrant energy

you now have the opportunity to join a Beginners Class with Tamashii Daiko that start on
Date: 07.March 2016
Time: 18:00 - 19:30 hrs

You are invited to join Tamashii-Daiko and experience the wonderful energy of Taiko

our dojo

Our Dojo

taiko kanjitaiko kanji

I run classes and workshops for all those wishing to learn the Art of Japanese Drumming


Class times


Beginners:   18h00 -19h30


Advanced:   18h00 - 19h30


Whether you're interested in becoming a Taiko performer yourself or whether you just want to enjoy learning to drum and have fun within a group of like-minded people, Tamashii Daiko classes are a wonderful way to learn the art of Japanese drumming.


Let the vibes and the energy from the drums excite and amaze you!
Come and join one of our weekly classes or experience Taiko in one of our workshops.


In these workshops you will learn more about its history, watch a DVD of a famous Taiko group in action and you will even learn to play a short piece of our repertoire.


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Please call Ursula for more information.


Vita Ursula Coenen


We practice at Hathersage Farm on Gordons Road, Somerset West

In our Dojo

kyu gyo sho itto

kyu gyo sho itto

Teaching, practicing, wisdom are all equal

Teacher or student
One sows knowledge, one gathers,
But both gain wisdom.



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